Curtain of Night

E101 - Bump in the Night

“To any able-bodied adventurer,
We, the O—er of the W-ite Div-de, seek any and all a—enturers to come to the aid
of Baro—a. Our lands are under sie-e, we re-uire im-ediate assis-ance.

Ashl-n, Knig-t – Captain of the -hite D-vide"

The moment that you finish reading the letter, the haggard man says,

“The Curtain of Night awaits…”

So begins a journey into the Mists.

Ashe, an elven rogue, and Alderick, a dwarf fighter, set off into the wilderness, seeking to find the source of a mysterious note carried by a dead man.

They soon beset by the undead, and a mysterious specter in the guise of a priest. When the mists fade they find themselves in a different land, where the night dominates the hours of time.



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