Curtain of Night

E103 - Lost in the Dark

Continuing to be tormented by the Spectre of the Asylum, Ashe, Aldrik, and “Bambi” continue to make their way through the long forgotten hallways of the facility. The treacherous pathways shift and change at every turn, seemingly constructed from the memories of it’s inhabitants, living and dead. They came across the room befitting the crimes of John Orr, a villainous pyromaniac who breathed his last when he set himself ablaze many years ago in an attempt to burn down the asylum. Bambi, Ashe and Aldrik overcame a treacherous deathtrap with speed and skill. When the flames settled they found a corpse of a woman long dead. Near her, a bracer bearing the name Birchwood and a magic ring. The party left behind the tomb of John Orr with more questions than answers.



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