Curtain of Night

E103 - Lost in the Dark

Continuing to be tormented by the Spectre of the Asylum, Ashe, Aldrik, and “Bambi” continue to make their way through the long forgotten hallways of the facility. The treacherous pathways shift and change at every turn, seemingly constructed from the memories of it’s inhabitants, living and dead. They came across the room befitting the crimes of John Orr, a villainous pyromaniac who breathed his last when he set himself ablaze many years ago in an attempt to burn down the asylum. Bambi, Ashe and Aldrik overcame a treacherous deathtrap with speed and skill. When the flames settled they found a corpse of a woman long dead. Near her, a bracer bearing the name Birchwood and a magic ring. The party left behind the tomb of John Orr with more questions than answers.

E102 - Asylum in the Mists

Ashe awakens to find that her dwarven companion has disappeared, with footprints running off into a distant swamp. He appears to have been chasing something. Along the way, Ashe bumps into a lone monk wandering the swamps. Together they pursue the dwarf until they reach a stone sign in the ground.

“Ravenwood Asylum —→”

Before they could make a decision, the arrival of a swarming mist and party of dire wolves causes them to flee into nearby trees. The leader of the wolves, a massive alpha wolf, commands them as a squadron to fan out in search of prey. Before they can find them, a siren bellows in the distance, causing the wolves to panic.

“Let’s go,” commanded the Alpha Wolf, “Leave them to the Grinning Man.”

The party, not eager to find out what could scare a party of dire wolves, fled towards a structure in the distance. An open pit caught Ashe by surprise sending her down into a room below the earth, where Aldrik, their companion, lay unconscious.

Joined by the Silent Monk whom Ashe calls “Bambi”, the two hide Aldrik to rest safely, while they explore what appears to be the aforementioned asylum. But they are not alone, the asylum itself continually seems to change around them, having cut off their escape route. Now, trapped in the Asylum, the party explores the ruins of the madhouse; one that seems to want them to kill each other, eager to uncover its sinister secrets, and more importantly, a path to freedom.

E101 - Bump in the Night

“To any able-bodied adventurer,
We, the O—er of the W-ite Div-de, seek any and all a—enturers to come to the aid
of Baro—a. Our lands are under sie-e, we re-uire im-ediate assis-ance.

Ashl-n, Knig-t – Captain of the -hite D-vide"

The moment that you finish reading the letter, the haggard man says,

“The Curtain of Night awaits…”

So begins a journey into the Mists.

Ashe, an elven rogue, and Alderick, a dwarf fighter, set off into the wilderness, seeking to find the source of a mysterious note carried by a dead man.

They soon beset by the undead, and a mysterious specter in the guise of a priest. When the mists fade they find themselves in a different land, where the night dominates the hours of time.


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